Friday, 17 September 2010

South Shields goodness

" I know many people wouldn't have much in the way of praise for South Shields but as far as growing up goes, a Sea side town like this isn't all that bad. I think the views and the atmosphere along the seafront is something to be grateful for. The Leas are something you really can't complain amount, the views and the open air are just amazing.

My favourite place would have to be the Marsden steps. They head down from the ice cream kiosk right down to the beach, and if the tide's in you'll head right into the sea. I always remember when I was a kid we went down there and as I was jumping about on the stones I slipped on seaweed and had to go to the first aider haha"

Marsden steps- These are the stairs leading down to the beach at Marsden Bay, South Shields, a steep flight of concrete steps leading to a few more being gradually eroded by sea and sands at the bottom. Running up them is an ideal way to keep yourself fit.

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