Thursday, 26 August 2010

Fish eye- design

THE BEST COMPACT FISHEYE CAMERA EVER CONCEIVED. First off, the Fisheye No. 2 includes a “B“ setting – allowing the shutter to stay open and admit that goreous natural nightime light outside. Next, a multiple exposure switch enables as many shots as you like on the same frame. A fisheye viewfinder gives you a real view into the world you're shooting. A flash hotshoe allows for easy use with the wunderbar Colorsplash Flash. I tell you, this camera is a bona-fide Fisheye sensation, and the new treats don't end there. Head out to our Specifications page to get the full story.

It captures nearly 180-degrees of your surrounding environment, it yields a nearly circular shot on a rectangular image, it can be used day or night, it looks incredibly suave, it's light and compact for easy pocket-carrying, and most importantly: it will absolutely knock you head over rear with its breathtakingly distorted and fierce images!

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