Thursday, 26 August 2010

Fish eye features

B” (Bulb) setting
In response to heavy demand from the Lomographic Community at large, the Fisheye 2 has a slamming long-exposure setting. By holding down the shutter button with your finger, you can keep the shutter open for as long as you like – thereby inviting all the gorgeous ambient light outside to come on in. To close the shutter, merely release the button. When using 400ISO film, keeping the shutter open for about 1-3 seconds is usually enough for a nightime city shot. Extend that to 5 seconds or so for a streaky overexposure. If it's really dark out, then let the shutter go for 10-20 seconds. For the sharpest images, place your camera onto something sturdy. Given the Fisheye 2's super-wide-angle view, handheld shots can be pretty sharp too – as long as you hold still. For buckwild abstracts – move you camera around with the shutter open – or even twist it in a circle!

“LNB” variable exposure switch

Use this to control your Fisheye 2's shutter timing. “L” locks the shutter so it can't accidentally fire. “N” shoots a normal, instant exposure (1/100 sec, f/8). “B” or “bulb” selects Fisheye 2's long exposure capabilities – as detailed above.

Standard Flash Hotshoe & Built-In Electronic Flash
Use this to sync a Lomographic Colorsplash Flash or any other manual hotshoe flash to your Fisheye 2. The flash will fire when you hit the shutter release. You can also use the internal (built-in) flash as well.

First and Second-Curtain Flash
When using the “N” setting, both the internal and hotshoe flash will fire when you hit the shutter button (first curtain). If you select “B,” then the hotshoe flash will fire when you first depress the button (first curtain), and the internal flash will fire when you let go of the button (second curtain).

Multiple Exposure Switch (MX)
This allows you to take two or more shots on the same frame. Take your first shot, press the MX button, and you're now ready for the next one. Repeat as many times as you like.

Accessory Viewfinder
Do you see what I see? If your camera suddenly comes alive, looks you in the eye, and asks you this question – then you can calmly reply, “I sure do.” Just slip this little jewel into the hotshoe and you'll get an authentic preview of the fisheye treat waiting for you to capture it.

Full Metal Jacket
If those rowdy bikers are giving you a hard time, then just show ‘em the Fisheye 2's new hard-as-nails metal-plated exterior. Built for toughness, but refined for beauty – you'll feel equally comfortable slinging your camera at a Texas Hog Pit or a Parisian Debutante Ball.

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