Monday, 9 August 2010

Patterned over plain

" One of the most important things I have learned is that complete plainness, however consistent, is dull; no wonder that modern politicians rarely stray from the plain white shirt, the plain unpatterned suit and the plain satin-silk tie. This combination lacks any kind of character and renders them bland enough to appeal to a vast cross-section; a French collared blue striped shirt
with a foulard or Club stripe tie would be far better companions for a suit lacking any ornament. Plain suits yearn to be played with."

"Plain, plain and plain is not ugly, but it is not particularly attractive; rather like the new glass block
buildings that pop up over London, there is a coolness but no intrigue. A ‘triple plain’ is what I call the ‘Lego suit’; inoffensive but lacking. A little pattern goes a long way. A lot of pattern could lead you astray, but if managed properly, could create not an ensemble of three incoherent parts but a harmonious and characterful whole."

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